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Provide protection against the livelihood loss to the covered family. This product focuses on family who are more vulnerable to the risk of livelihood loss.

Renewal of the ongoing policy can be availed upto 70 years.In case of hospitalisation, yearly support upto INR 3000 is provided and daily allowance of INR 200 per day of hospitalisation. The policyholder is also covered for accidental death (primary member – 1,00,000 INR for policy holder and 50,000 INR for husband). No medical test required to enrol for this policy.


The objective of this policy is to provide wage security to those dependent on daily wages. It covers wage loss of the insured members/families against hospitalization.

In case of hospitalisation, the maximum limit of financial support for variant 1 is up to 7,500 INR and for 5 members is 9,000 INR in a year. The purpose of this product is to cover the expenses of the family they bear during the case of hospitalization other than the medical expenses. No medical test is required for enrolment under this scheme.


This product covers the natural and accidental death situation of the insured policyholder only. There is a 1 year waiting period for any pre-existing disease

In case of natural death, financial support of INR 35,000 and in case of accidental death, INR 75000 will be extended to the family of the policy holder.

The objective of the policy is to cover both natural and accidental death, and provide maturity benefits.

Premium is decided as per term duration, age of the member and range of coverage.

A minimum amount of INR 20,000 and a maximum amount of INR 2,00,000 will be assured. In case of natural death, the amount will be the sum assured, and in the case of accidental death, the amount will be double of the sum assured. At maturity, the insured will be entitled to Sum assured plus additional bonus.


The objective of this product is to cover the risk of natural and accidental death of the ensured member and her husband and provide loan relief. The tenure of premium is on a yearly basis.

The premium of the product directly depends on the sum assured range under the policy.

Sum assured per person can be upto INR 2,00,000 depending on the premium.


Covers Mediclaim (basic health coverage). The objective of this product is to cover the financial expenses in case of hospitalisation.

Financial coverage for Variant 1 is INR 15000, and for Variant 2 is INR 25,000.
In case of hospitalisation, Room Rent/Boarding & Nursing charges will be payable up to a maximum of Sum Insured 1 % per day. Additionally, one illness expense will be payable up to a maximum of Rs 4500/- and 7500/- depending on the insurance scheme.
Expenses will be covered if the insured is hospitalised for less than 24 hours due to advancement in technology.
20% is payable in private and trust hospitals but not in government hospitals
Relevant medical expenses is payable if incurred 30 days prior and 60 days after the hospitalization.


This product covers members, employees, customers or any individual affiliated with an organisation or institution. It covers hospitalisation costs due to accidents, or illness, including COVID-19.

The premium bracket will be according to the payment mode.

  • Lumsump pay-out of INR 10,000 on each hospitalization
  • Maximum 2 hospitalization will be covered in one policy year.
  • In total 20,000 of Sum Assured.