Case Study

The Landscape of Micro Insurance in Asia 2013 Published by: Munich Re Foundation Authors: Arman Oza, Premasis Mukherjee, Rupalee Ruchismita.

VimoSEWA's Resurgence: Increasing Outreach and Managing Costs in a Voluntary Standalone Microinsurance Programme Published by: Microinsurance Innovation Facility of the ILO Authors: Arman Oza, Aparna Dalal & Jeanna Haltz A voluntary and standalone microinsurance programme faces several challenges in terms of achieving scale in a financially viable manner. While scale is necessary to achieve sustainability and larger social impact, it needs to come at a cost that can be absorbed by the revenues a distribution model offers.Discovering a right balance between social and financial goals often becomes an arduous strategic exercise. On the other hand balancing scale and sustainability issues with client value is also challenging. Rather than one or two major intitiatives, all this needs fine tuning and adjustments at several places like product portfolio, marketing approach, organizational structure, Human Resource(HR) policies, process design and so on. This case study describes VimoSEWA's journey in quest for optimal financial and social performance. It portrays the enigmas a socially oriented organization that is striving to be financially viable, has to face. The study also discusses how VimoSEWA overcame these enigmas and made several adjustments in its strategy, objectives, approach, planning, structure, products and processes on its way to financial viability. The study also discusses the compact nature of environmental factors in which a microinsurance distribution model has to function.